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Tattu batteries

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high quality and long life lipo batteries

Tattu batteries

WHY WE LIKE Gentattu batteries

Tattu batteries offers a variety of lipo batteries for industrial drones, including battery packs, UAV batteries, rechargeable batteries, and replacement batteries. These high-quality batteries have a long lifespan and can be used in a variety of drones, such as eVTOL, Quadcopter, or Multicopter Drones. The TATTU UAV Drone Battery series includes options such as Standard Pouch Battery, Smart Battery, High Voltage Battery, Low-Temperature Battery, and more.

drone spraying the field

Tattu batteries

Tattu UAV drone batteries

Tattu UAV drone batteries are ideal for industrial usages such as in agriculture spraying, mapping, aerial photography, and the transportation of cargo.

These batteries are known for their:

  • high energy density, long cycle life
  • easy and safe usage
  • compact and lightweight design
  • multiple plug options
  • UN 38.3 certification.

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