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We offer for sale and lease, a diverse range of UAVs and advanced sensors.

Remember, all the UAVs we supply require a Transport Canada RPAS Pilot’s License.  Our larger drones require an Advanced RPAS Pilot’s License.  If you want to fly in controlled airspace you will also require an Advanced RPAS Pilot’s License.  Through our collaboration with Coastal Drone we provide access to UAV pilot training. Find out more about our custom training program.

Buying your aircraft or a fleet of aircraft is a significant investment.  We have done the research and can help you select the right aircraft for your application(s). Let us help you make a choice that will support your business!A


We have three ownership options:


Purchase of a UAV system


Leasing of a UAV system


Purchase of a UAV system that is operated by Precision Crop Tech

A customized full-service program to support your needs. This option assures there are aircraft available when you need to spray.  We have a pool of experienced pilots within Canada who we can send to spray your fields.

For our premium drone line, we chose the Hylio range of UAVs because they are rugged, manufactured and supported in North America with easy access to parts and maintenance.  All data resides with the operator and is easily accessible for evaluation. The high reliability of this system makes it ideal for our various sensors and attachments.

Our TTA line of drones are tough and lean, with just the essentials for spraying. A less costly option that works accurately and efficiently. Featuring affordable parts and maintenance, as well as a simple GCS designed to get the job done. 

All our aircraft are made to work: Tough, Proven, and Reliable

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