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DJI makes reliable drones that are easy to operate. They provide an integrated system linking the multi-spectral sensing technology with the drone application technology.  By linking the systems, variable rate application is now achievable leading to a reduction in input costs for the farmer.  DJI platforms and technology enable users to capture valuable information and to apply the knowledge gained by applying treatment only where needed. If you are looking for a complete system, DJI is a great option.



Inspection of power lines
With increased reliability and precision, power line inspectors can now view extensive powerline networks with unmatched detail, even in adverse conditions.

Search and Rescue
Equipped with both an aerial zoom and thermal camera, first responders can quickly locate missing individuals in remote areas and plan the safest route of approach.

Inspection of wind turbines
With improved flight stability in windy conditions and a top-mounted gimbal, wind turbine inspectors can detect damage as small as millimeters on all parts of a turbine’s propellers.

Inspection of bridges
With a top-mounted gimbal, bridge inspections can be conducted fully, allowing teams to plan maintenance schedules effectively for improved public safety and reduced costs.

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Customizable DRONE MODELS


DJI Matrice 100

The DJI Matrice 100 is a customizable flight platform that can be tailored to your specific needs using the DJI SDK. This allows you to develop a system for any application and revolutionize industries by utilizing your knowledge and skills with cutting-edge flight technology. The Matrice 100 can be programmed with customized commands, instructed on how and where to fly, and gather real-time information from the entire system. Additionally, it offers a long, extendable flight time.

DJI Matrice 200

The DJI Matrice 200 is the ultimate platform for aerial productivity, offering a rugged design and simple configurability for a wide range of industrial applications. The M200 Series V2 has been improved to enhance intelligent control systems, flight performance, flight safety and data security features. It is the ideal solution for industrial applications.


DJI Matrice 300

The DJI Matrice 300 RTK is the latest commercial drone platform from DJI, modeled after modern aviation systems. It offers a long flight time of up to 55 minutes, advanced AI capabilities, 6-directional sensing and positioning, and more. The M300 RTK sets a new standard by merging intelligence, high-performance, and unparalleled reliability.

Whether for public safety, power line inspections, firefighting, construction, or lifesaving operations, trust in your team and tools is crucial. Get the Matrice 300 RTK today to provide your team with the necessary equipment.


Agras T10

Agras T10

Price starts at $14,200 CAD

The DJI Agras T10 is a compact and powerful drone that is ideal for use on agricultural sites of all sizes. With an 8-liter tank and a spray width of up to 5 meters, it can cover up to 15 acres per hour. Its folding truss structure is sturdy and reliable, making it easy to fold and unfold, transport, and switch between tasks.

Agras T30​

Price starts at $22,800 CAD

The DJI Agras T30 drone boasts a large 30-liter spraying tank, allowing for exceptional aerial spraying capabilities. Its revolutionary transforming body design makes it particularly effective for spraying fruit trees. Utilizing DJI’s digital agriculture solutions, the T30 helps farmers reduce fertilizer use and improve yield through data-driven best practices.

Agras T40

Agras T40​

Price starts at $28,500 CAD

The DJI AGRAS T40 drone features a revolutionary Coaxial Twin Rotor design that allows it to carry a spray load of 40 kg and a spread load of 50 kg (70 L).

Additionally, it is equipped with a Dual Atomized Spraying System, DJI Terra, Active Phased Array Radar, and Binocular Vision. The drone support a variety of missions such as surveying, mapping, spraying, and spreading, making it an ideal tool for achieving precision in agricultural operations.

Survey and research DRONE MODEL

DJI Mavic 3M

Price starts at $25,770 CAD

Mavic 3 Multispectral is an effective aerial surveying tool that allows for clear analysis of crop growth by combining an RGB camera with a multispectral camera. This combination allows for precision and data collection in agricultural production management.

Smart Farm apps

DJI Terra

DJI Terra

DJI Terra is a comprehensive, one-stop solution software that utilizes 2D orthophotos and 3D model reconstruction to provide efficient and detailed inspection capabilities for various industries. It offers features such as 2D multispectral reconstruction, LiDAR point cloud processing, and specialized missions for sectors like land mapping, power transmission, emergency services, construction, transportation, and agriculture.

DJI smartfarm app

DJI Terra

The DJI SmartFarm App, designed for use with DJI Agras drones, is now available for download. It offers a variety of practical features including data display, device management, field sharing, teamwork and measurement tools to provide end-to-end service support for spraying and spreading operations. The app allows for easy control and management of your Agras aircraft with improved data visibility and efficiency.

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