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Nero sampler

Nero Sampler

Expert water sampling using aerial methods.

Nero Water Sampler


We really like the Nero sampler as it allows researchers from a range of different industries to collect water samples from target locations without the need for boats and helicopters and the associated big price tags.  A drone water sampling platform will change the way we sample and understand the environment we live and work in.  The forethought that has gone into the sampling process makes this technology a game changer. Reduced costs, reduced physical risk, faster access to difficult waterways, and green energy are but a few of the benefits of this smart solution. We are confident you’ll like it as much as we do.

Nero Sampler
Nero Water sampler


Safe and efficient water sampling, anywhere.

Nero water samplers make operations fast and convenient. You can choose to secure up to 4 separate samples with Nero Poli, or a single sample of up to 2L with Nero Mia.

Whether you need a sample from the ocean or an algae raceway pond – Nero water samplers are able to collect from any body of water safely with their 3-meter length hose.

Sample with confidence

A 3-metre long hose allows your Nero water sampler and drone to secure samples while maintaining a safe distance above the water’s surface.


Efficient water sampling

Nero Mia design allows you to sample and fill its single 2L container in under 2 minutes, while Nero Poli’s multi-bottle payload allows you to collect up to 4 separate samples.

Precision water sampling

The pump designs of Nero water samplers mitigate contamination for lab-quality samples.


Reduce operational risk

Keep your team safe by using Nero water samplers to access unreachable and potentially dangerous sampling locations.

Water samplers

Nero Poli _Water Sampler

Nero Poli

Price starts at $11,000 CAD

Nero Poli is our most extensive water sampler yet, allowing you to secure up to 4 separate samples while receiving live temperature readings of sampling locations, all by using Nero Poli’s intuitive standalone remote control.

  • Secure up to 4 samples with a single payload.
  • Built-in thermometer allows live temperature sensing
  • Up to 3-metre sample depth
  • ~1L/min sampling speed
  • Drone agnostic with a simple modification
  • Designed and assembled in Australia
Nero Mia _Water Sampler

Nero Mia

Price starts at $6,200 CAD

Single bottle payload capable of sampling up to 2L using a peristaltic pump system.

The newest version of Nero Mia has been upgraded to allow it to secure a full 2-litre water sample in a single sortie, while its new streamlined design improves aerial manoeuvrability.

  • Peristaltic pump system
  • Up to 3-metre sample depth
  • ~2L/min sampling speed
  • Reduce operational risk
  • Compatible with DJI Matrice 600
  • Designed and assembled in Australia

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