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We are based in Abbotsford in the Fraser Valley and work with farmers and mines across Canada.   We provide our services and supply UAVs across Canada.

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Abbotsford, BC
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Frequently Asked Questions

Please fill out our estimate form to get the ball rolling. Once you fill out the form and we understand the size of the area being sprayed or surveyed, along with the purpose for which you intend to use the drone, we will be able to make a solid recommendation that is tailored to your needs. Once you have settled on a specific system, we will provide you with an estimate. Once you have approved the estimate and completed payment, we have the aircraft assembled, delivered to us for final inspection, and then shipped to you so you can start working.

When you complete your drone purchase with Precision Crop Tech, we record your aircraft details and the spare parts list for that aircraft.  We keep the most regularly ordered spare parts in our online store and you can order them from there.  If you need a less commonly ordered part, just give us a call, and we will provide the items either directly from our inventory or by special order.

Yes. PCT provides full support for the drones.  We provide flight planning, operational, and field technical support along with analysis of completed missions.  In the event of major repairs or parts replacements, we may refer it back to the manufacturer to ensure the full system integrity can be checked.

Autonomous flight means that a drone can fly without a person holding the controls and that the drone also has the ability to make decisions. Autopilot allows the drone to be pre-programmed for a set flight path, speed, and height, but requires a person to be holding the controls should something go awry during the flight. In Canada, we currently may fly using autopilot (or manual) only.

Yes. Please see our crop spraying service page for more information. Once you understand what we do, contact us and we can start planning to spray your fields.  Typically, we get booked up quickly for the spring, summer and fall, so make sure you book your spraying needs early.

Yes, but flying drones in Canada requires a Transport Canada License. Our drones are big and we recommend good flight training. We provide our own training to help you get familiar with our systems.  Typically, two days of our training, a combination of lectures and practical flying, allows you to confidently complete advanced missions.

PCT collaborates with Coastal Drone Co. to provide UAV pilot training at a discounted price. Once you have a pilot’s license, we will train you in:


  • Safe crop spraying with a UAV
  • Mission planning and autopilot
  • Optimizing the delivery of materials sprayed
  • Workflow for an efficient spray operation
  • The UAV crop sprayer’s flight envelope
  • Battery management
  • Caring for your aircraft

Yes. Please connect with us to let us know the specific application for which you intend to use your drone, and we will give you a recommendation based on our years of experience and scientific research.  Not all nozzles are the same and you can get great  low drift and low loss results if you select and configure your system correctly. Outside of flight planning, nozzle selection is one of the key considerations for the drone applicator.

Yes. Drone swarming is an effective way to streamline your spraying and to cover a lot of ground in a shorter amount of time. The process is easy and the drones work together seamlessly to get the job done. We can assist you in determining the best swarming configuration for your specific application.

Yes, however, we recommend consulting us before you purchase a system. After five years of trials using all the major crop-spraying drones, we have built a knowledge base of how the various aircraft perform and which are most suitable for specific applications.  Many factors need to be considered to optimize efficiency, application rates, and to eliminate the risk of damaging your crops.  We have done the science and the testing so that you can make informed decisions.

Yes. PCT has a team of pilots across Canada who are available and can be booked to operate your drone.  Many farmers choose to own their own drones but prefer having us fly them. 

PCT can consult with you to help you determine which configuration will be best suited to your specific applications.  We do provide larger drones and heavy lift capability, though we will always work with you to find the optimal size for your specific needs, as heavier drones paired with complex missions may require a Transport Canada SFOC for every flight.  We try to keep it simple, so you can get the maximum from your aircraft with minimal effort.

Yes. Mission planning is done through a computer. 

Yes. All the UAVs we supply require a Transport Canada RPAS Pilot’s License.  Our larger drones require an Advanced RPAS Pilot’s License.  If you want to fly in controlled airspace, you will also require an Advanced RPAS Pilot’s License.  We provide access to pilot training for your Transport Canada Exam through our partnership with Coastal Drone  and we provide additional flight  training for spray drones using our mobile flight training facility.  Our training is based on detailed technical knowledge of the aircraft systems we sell and our experience from flying over 5500 hours of spray and trial missions.

Yes, though the mission planning module used with our drones is very easy to operate and is far more precise than manual flight.

Our drones are specially designed to mitigate drift. As part of our training, we also teach you about the aircraft flight envelope and the optimal spray envelope to maximize application of your treatments.

Drone insurance is the responsibility of the owner. PCT is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage to your system. We do work with several organizations that provide optimal pricing on drone insurance.  When you buy a system from us, we will provide you with a list of the insurers we recommend. This will help you identify the insurance options  best suited for your drone system and application(s).


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