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fierce fish

fierce fish




Fierce Fish Fertilizer was developed to create a more balanced soil system. We have spent many years of continuously experimenting with the formula, and now offer a concentrated product in our soil soak. It is 100% natural, if it has ever not been grown, caught, or fermented and can be used on all types of plants.

FIERCE FISH Harvesting



It is important for plants to have a healthy soil web. The health of the soil web comes from the deep layers of organic matter and earthworms. This rich environment is essential for plant growth by providing minerals and other supports that are essential to the plant’s growth.


Eating these plants will result in higher nutrient levels and your body will feel better than ever. All our fish is sustainably sourced and wild Pacific bycatch, which ultimately provides a better taste than other fish internationally.


Using Fierce Fish Fermented Fish Fertilizer in association with an active mulching program will increase the yields and overall health of your plants and crops. Store in a cool dark location (biologically active), and vent cap upon delivery to relieve expansion of natural gases.


  • For use as a Soil soak/fertilizer: Ratio- 50:1
  • For your Compost prep/soil building: Ratio- 25:1
  • For use as a Foliar spray: 1000:1

(Additional field applications available on request) Please contact us for details.


fierce fish Hydrolyzed Fish Fertilizer

Hydrolyzed Fish Fertilizer

2.5 Gallon Bucket

Price $95.00 CAD  

(Excluding GST/HST)

This is for the enhancement of plant health. It will help initial growth while enhancing health and growth in the root zone. This then assists with nutrient uptake and disease resilience.
It is diluted at either 50:1 for initial growth or 100:1 for maintenance. It can be used on heavy-feeding vegetables and light feeders alike. When used in conjunction with a regular mulching program (strongly recommended ) this will also provide additional food for the beneficial microbes and fungi in the soil web surrounding your growth area.
It is not a singular nitrogen source as fermented fish cannot be properly produced using only fish with no additional liquid. It, therefore, allows for a lower nitrogen level which is ultimately safer for the plant (regular high nitrogen cycles are not typically recommended for most plants ) and can be applied with more regularity to produce a more stable growth pattern.

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