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Field services

we provide the following field services


Creating a healthy growth medium

We collect soil samples and have them analysed to create a mosaic of your field based on nutrients, micronutrients, soil type and texture, soil biota, as well as soil moisture retention and drainage capability. 

We build up the layers of information using our GIS systems and can then drill through those layers to identify the optimal treatment needed in each mosaic.  The current common practice of sampling about five points per 20 acres, amalgamating the samples and then building an amendment routine on that single amalgamated sample leads to inefficiency. 

Higher sampling with unique samples for every mosaic in a field is the fundamental unit needed to build a more productive farm with lower input costs. We will help you sample the soil and turn the data into information that will increase productivity and decrease input costs.


Make sure the plants are accessing nutrients

After optimising the soil for a particular crop it is important to see how the plant is responding. We provide infield testing of plants supported by laboratory confirmation testing.

Healthy plants require nutrients at specific times in their development to optimise their flowering and fruiting. Knowing what nutrients are required allows the farmer to target and treat specific mosaics at specific times.

This provides the farmer with chemical and physical information for decision making to maximise yield and strengthen plants for the next season.


Get the data you need to make decisions

We have installed numerous weather and soil monitoring systems across Canada.  The installations are continually operational, recording, and can provide real-time reporting to the farmer’s computer. 

Linked into plant respiration sensors, soil moisture meters and a variety of other products that can now be connected to the systems the farmer has real-time access to the status of the plant. Deciding if it is time to water before the plant shows obvious signs of stress is critical in keeping the plants and soil zone functioning optimally. 

By preventing plant stress you can also optimise your yield and better control the speed with which your crop becomes ready for market. Having the right information at your fingertips allows the farmer to fine-tune operations in a new way.


High-resolution rapid field assessment

Using our multi-purpose UAV platforms we provide high definition multi-spectral imaging of your fields.  With the use of this imagery and ground-truthing, it is possible to get insight into plant health on a large scale and identify issues early in the season. 

Using a UAV platform we can quickly determine crop status with high resolution at a rate of 20 to 30 acres an hour.  We get the highest resolution imagery due to the way that we deploy our flight and photographic systems.

We also provide plant counts and yield estimates, determine field irrigation status and have developed a technique to determine if drip irrigation systems are fully functional.  Being able to survey a 20-acre field in an hour and determine which drippers are blocked, saves plants and optimises production.


Making sense of the data

We use GIS to draw together what is happening in your field so you can make informed decisions.  The GIS organises geographic data, lets you analyse and visualise it.  We create graduated surface maps for each variable across all mosaics to help the farmer visualise what is happening in the field.  With the input from agronomists, we define the best treatment for each mosaic and then build a custom treatment plan for each field that will optimise soil and plant health.

By being able to achieve a far higher resolution it now becomes possible to treat your fields in a far more efficient manner.  Only provide the nutrients and amendments that are needed in a specific location.  Your input costs will decrease, and we have the UAV platforms to deliver targeted treatment.


Early field access with targeted delivery

UAV technology has evolved rapidly and payloads have increased dramatically in recent years. 

It is now possible to deliver targeted treatment to specific mosaics in a field and in so doing only provide the nutrients and treatments that are required.  Targeted delivery means reduced input costs. With the ability to effectively treat up to 20 acres per hour, with highly efficient spray distribution, treatment is faster, more efficient in chemical use, and as there is no soil compaction it does not damage the physical structure and health of the soil.

We can get early access to fields to apply nutrients and soil stimulants before it is even possible to consider entering a field with a tractor due to the wet conditions after the spring thaw.  UAV spraying allows you to reduce input costs and use new treatment regimes.

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