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12S 16000 Mah Battery



Lithium-polymer battery with a rugged, protective casing. The AG-110 uses one battery for flight. The AG-122 and AG-130 use two.


Hylio’s AgroDrones utilize multi-cell lithium polymer (LiPo) batteries for power. These batteries store large amounts of power in relatively small form factors. The LiPo batteries feature rugged cases, ergonomic handles, and LEDs to indicate charge level and cycle life.

The AG-110 utilizes one 16A 44.4V LiPo battery at a time for the flight. The AG-116 utilizes one 22A 44.4V LiPo battery at a time for the flight. The AG-122 utilizes two 16A 44.4V LiPo batteries at a time for the flight.


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